What price do you put on a life? Secure your load!

A brick flying off an another vehicle travelling at 100km/h in the opposite direction resulted in a 29-year-old Mother of 2 being killed instantly when the brick went through the windscreen hitting her in the head while her 2 children were in the back seat.

It was an unsecured load that caused the unnecessary grief of this young family, that’s why if you use rope, bungees or fish net style cargo nets, it’s never okay… even if you drive slowly.

The car in which the 29 year old was travelling in

Cheeper nets are generally only containment nets and they don’t comply with National load restraint legislation – nor will they stop small or heavy items existing the vehicle if you have to swerve suddenly or hit a bump.

These days, it’s important to make sure your load is secure, not just from a safety aspect, but the law is also cracking down on it – there are some rather large fines happening in Australia for unsecured and unconstrained loads. It can be a fairly expensive exercise to ignore the warnings of load restraint laws.

Safeguard Cargo Nets offer not only a containment cargo net, but a load rated one too – all in one! In Australia,
it’s law to secure your load and that’s why Safeguard Cargo Nets have been leading the way in cargo load restraint since 2011 – constantly improving & manufacturing only the best & safest cargo nets.

Safeguard your load and save a life!

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