What’s the best Cargo Net for my Ute & why cover your load!

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about covering your load? Have you ever thought – is this just a hoax?

Well it’s not really a hoax, it’s just that some people think that you have to have a net on your ute at all times – no matter what, but in fact, it’s only when you are carrying something in your ute that you need to make sure that it is secured. It doesn’t matter how you secure it – as long as it is secure.

So why a Cargo Net ? Well, a Cargo Net is the easiest device that can be used to stop small items from coming out of your ute or truck tray in the event of an accident or even just going over a bump.

There are various common ways to cover your load:

• Fishing Net Style

• Tarpaulin

• Shade Cloth

• Safeguard Cargo Nets

Fishing Net Style:

Ute with Fishing Net cover

Fish netting is generally made from polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester or nylon. There are two types of manufacturing processes giving a knitted or knotted net. Knotted nets can be made from braided or twisted twines, while knitted nets are made by knitting very fine filaments. Either style, Fish Nets are sometimes quite cumbersome to use – especially with sticks and twigs as part of your load. These nets have been the more common on the market due to their low cost. Some Fish Nets come with rather large holes making them a very impractical option (and even illegal).


The use of tarpaulins for covering loads are particularly useful for when the weather turns bad or you want to protect your gear from the sun. Tarpaulins will definitely ensure that no loose items will come out of your tray (if the Tarp is fitted correctly) however, there is no holding strength that can ensure a secure load especially if the items are large and heavy – you would need to use the Tarp in conjunction with tie down straps or ropes.

Shade Cloth:

Some people have made a few nets out of shade cloth – this can work… once again, nothing is restrained with these types of nets.

Safeguard Cargo Nets:

Safeguard Cargo Nets are very heavy duty and neat to look at!

Safeguard have gone to a little more effort to overcome many of the issues associated with the other styles of nets on the market. It’s a little more like a grid of “tie down straps” connected to a “shade cloth” like mesh. The mesh is what holds the small items in, the “tie down straps” or strapping is what holds the large heavier items in. It’s really an All-In-One solution that many people have been looking for in a Cargo Net. With this type of design, it allows for certification (Australian & New Zealand standard 4380 2001) – which makes it the only Load Rated Restraint that also acts as a Cargo Net. Yes, they are more expensive than the rest of the market – but it all comes down to the quality, material used, practicality and ease of use.

One of the other advantages of using a Safeguard Cargo Net is – it doesn’t get tangled! How many times have you seen someone struggling with a fishing net style cargo net – it’s so frustrating to watch.

So yes, we say that ultimately, the Safeguard Net lends itself as the best choice for a Cargo net, and it’s load rated – certified with Australian Standards! The first and only of its kind in Australia


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