Strap your cargo precisely

safeguard net

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Safeguard Cargo Nets can be custom made to your specifications. UV-stabilised Polyester is the same material used to make these nets - guaranteeing you the Safeguard Cargo Net promise of durability, protection, and long-lasting performance.

Custom Cargo Nets in progress Custom Cargo Nets in progress Custom Cargo Nets in progress

Secure your gear at work and play in any application. We provide custom-made nets to cater for requirements that may not be met with our 24 load-rated nets available. Let us know the specifications required for the net and we will be more than glad to deliver. The custom-sized nets are made with the same material used in all our products: UV-stabilized Polyester.


Safeguard can be used in a variety of situations beyond just securing cargo in a vehicle.
It is a versatile solution that can be applied to various scenarios where protection and security are needed.

Mining Applications