Asked Questions

What is the difference between restraint and containment?

  • Restraint is when the item or cargo is tied down by a load-rated item ( webbing strap, chain, rated cargo net ) and the cargo cannot move.
  • Containment is when the item or cargo still has the potential to move due to not having a direct lashing over it but is still contained within the tray or trailer.

Unrestrained Load Fines

Did you know? A load on a heavy vehicle must: not be placed in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe; be secured so it is unlikely to fall or be dislodged. Safeguard Cargo Nets help secure your loads no matter the size and be restrained. Australian laws require you to meet a certain standard when restraining your load. Failure to meet this standard will result in penalties and fines, perhaps loss of license depending on your state.

How do I size my Cargo Net to suit my application?

It is as simple as measuring the area you would like to cover, and then working out how and what you are carrying for the height. The Safeguard Cargo Nets do not stretch as they are a load restraint so the net must be larger so it can go up and over the load.

Are your Cargo Nets called Gorilla Cargo Nets?

Our Nets used to be known as Gorilla Cargo Nets and after a brand change we are now called Safeguard Cargo Nets.

What is the point of the multiple tie-down points over the nets?

The Safeguard Cargo Nets come with multiple tabs located around the net, this is to make the net extremely versatile and will fit a large range of applications.

Are the Nets made in Australia?

The Safeguard Cargo Nets are made in India, all the nets have been engineered to Australian & New Zealand standards and designed in Australia for the Australian market.

Where can I buy a Safeguard product?

Safeguard Cargo Nets are available through stockists all over Australia. For your nearest stockist, go to the Where to Buy page to locate your nearest stockist: Where to Buy Page.

Are all the Safeguard Products Load Rated?

Yes, all products we supply are load-rated and have load tags. The Premium Cargo Nets are load rated to 1000kg and the budget line is 500kg.

How many sizes of Cargo Nets do you make?

We currently have 22 sizes in the range to suit any applications from small ATW to large flatbed trucks. There is a very high chance we will have one to suit your application.

Do you make custom sizes?

It is something we will look at for a substantial quantity. Please inquire about a custom net, we are always happy to look at different options.

Do the nets come with straps?

All our nets come with straps excluding the Trade Net range which are designed for Utes with toolboxes. Please check out the website for the strap quantities that come with each net.

Do our nets require ratchet straps to get a load rating?

The straps we provide with each net are more than adequate for the load rating speculated on the net. Ex. LSN-200 net rated to 1000kg with 6 straps. No additional straps are required as this gives it the load rating.

What is the warranty period for a Safeguard Cargo Net and how long do they last on average?

We give a 12 month warranty period for the Safeguard Cargo net but with the improved polyester webbing, they far exceed this time period. Some of the old designs are still getting around to this day - 8 years on!

Are the Nets UV stabilized to cope with Australian Conditions?

The design of the Safeguard Cargo nets has changed to improve the UV stabilization of the product. They were previously made from Polypropylene which would not stand up to the Australian conditions. The net design was improved by changing the webbing material to UV stabilized Polyester which all leading ratchet straps and exterior webbing companies recommend.

How many Safeguard Cargo Nets are in the Australian Market?

We have sold over 100,000 into the Australian & New Zealand Market.

Where to buy?

Safeguard Nets are available at a wide range of stockists across Australia. Using the locator below, you will find the nearest stockist to you.

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