The Safeguard Mesh Tarp comes in 5 sizes.

The nets are made from UV stabilized webbing and weatherproof mesh that won’t tangle and will keep the rain out

Load rated to 1000kg, The Safeguard Tarps are perfect for those who require weather protection on their ute, roof rack or trailer. Not only will you have peace of mind that your load will be secure and free from water, but you can be sure that you are abiding by the law.

mesh-tarp-bagStorage Bag Included:
Each Safeguard Cargo Net comes in a quality handy Tool Bag.

1 net, 1 bag and minimum of 6 straps.




Net SizeNet CodeMin. Tray SizeMesh CoverageDimensionsActions
Small Rack TarpSSRT-6000.80 x 0.80m1.635 x 1.635m1.635 x 1.635m
Medium Rack TarpSMRT-6001.40 x 0.80m2.235 x 1.635m2.235 x 1.635m
Large Rack TarpSLRT-6001.80 x 0.80m2.635 x 1.635m2.635 x 1.635m
Large TarpSLT-6001.60 x 1.20m2.835 x 2.435m3.035 x 2.635m
Dual Cab TarpSDT-6001.20 x 1.20m2.235 x 2.235m2.435 x 2.435m


Vehicle Types and Sizes

6 x 4' (1829 x 1220 mm) 
7 x 4' (2134 x 1220 mm)  
7 x 5' (2134 x 1524 mm)   
8 x 4' (2438 x 1220 mm)  
8 x 5' (2438 x 1524 mm)   
8 x 6' (2438 x 1829 mm)   
9 x 5' (2744 x 1524 mm)   
9 x 6' (2744 x 1829 mm)   
Dual Cab Ute Tray-Back    
Dual Cab Style Side
Extra Cab Ute Tray-Back   
Extra Cab Style Side 
Single Cab Ute Tray-Back   
Single Cab Style Side  
   roof rack
1100 x 1100 mm
1200 x 1200 mm
1500 x 1200 mm 
1600 x 1200 mm 
1800 x 1200 mm 
2100 x 1200 mm  
2200 x 1200 mm  
3 m  
3.5 m  

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